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The Tragedy of Macbeth by Clay Collins and Andy Nolley

Macbeth Writing Assignments

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1)  Dear Mrs. Abby Landers,
                         I am having problems with making a critical decision.  I am wanting to become king of Scotland but to do so I must lose my honor and betray the king by killing him.  I need your advice in making this decision which will effect the rest of my life.
2)             The knocking could be Duncan because of his brutal murder that was predicted to come, the porter being there to answer the door.   The knocking Macbeth hears later on after Duncan's death could be a result of his guilt.  Macbeth likely could just had been dreaming the knocking because he did such a bad deed.  The porter scene could be meant for mystery.
3)            Macbeth sent supposedly 2 murderers to kill Banquo.  Banquo was one of the sons of King Duncan.  In Act III  scene III three murderers come into the scene when there was only supposed to be two.  The third murderer was unknown, but i think the third murderer was sent by the witches.
                 I think the witches sent the third murderer to ensure their prophecies would come true.  The third murderer I think was a devilish person because the identity of the third murderer is unknown.  Only somebody evil would assist in a murder for a nobleman.
                 In conclusion, in my opinion, I think the murderer had to have been sent by the witches.  Only an evil person could assist in such a deed.  I know the withces are evil, so I can only assume, he was sent by the witches.
4)       Macbeth and Macduff are both noblemen from Scotland.  Macbeth has more power because he became the Thane of Cowdor, and later became King of Scotland by murdering the former king, King Duncan.  Macduff was originally a good person when he became the Thane of Cowdor. He was known as a brave and respectable warrior for Duncan.  He turns evil when he kills Duncan though.  Macduff is a good character throughout the play.  He is loyal to the true king, Malcolm.   Macduff brings Malcolm to Scotland so that Malcolm can reclaim his throne.  Macduff is the protagonist and Macbeth is the antagonist. 
5)       Macbeth was a tragic play in which the main character, Macbeth, went from a hero with morals to an evil killer. 
           I agree with critic Frank W. Wadsworth's commentl, because at the start fo the play Macbeth was a hero which honored his king and by the end of the play he was an evil killer with no carefor anyone.  To prove this the first act Macbeth helped win a battle to get more land for Duncan the King of Scotland.  In the process of winning the battle Macbeth became the Thane of Cowdor.
           In Act 2 Macbeth became overwhelmed with greed and wanted more than Thane of Cowdor, he wanted to be king.  His wife talked him into killing King Duncan.  Macbeth is becoming more evil, and this foreshadows what will happen later on in the play.
          In Act 3 with Macbeth's new aquired power as king, he sent two asassins to kill Banquo.  The reason for this is because Banquo had the power to overthrow Macbeth so his greed and anger go the best of him.  He decided that he should kill Banquo too.  At this point Macbeth lost his sense of sanity and became ill.
          Finally in Act 5 Macbeth went over the deep end.  Lady Macbeth and Macbeth both became crazy.  She ended up killing herself and Macbeth said it was just part of nature and its only a matter of time before she dies anyway.  At this time Macbeth has reached his full form of evil and the only thing he cared about was himself.
          In conclusion Macbeth went from a loyal warrior for King Duncan to a power hungry tyrant that wanted nothing but blood and the throne.       

The Tragedy of Macbeth